The Perfect Gift: Beautiful Birthstones

Birthstones and Initials are a lovely way to celebrate the birthday of a loved one, a new addition to the family, or just a little treat for yourself. 
Each Birthstone holds it's own unique meaning and symbolism rooted in history, and according to some experts, they have special powers. 
Here is our collection of birthstone necklaces and their meanings behind each stunning semi-precious stone...

 January Garnet Birthstone Pendant

February Birthstone Pendant Amethyst

March Birthstone Aquamarine

April Birthstone Pendant Diamond

May Birthstone Pendant Emerald

June Birthstone Pendant Pearl
July Birthstone Pendant Ruby
August Birthstone Necklace Peridot
September Birthstone Necklace Sapphire
October Birthstone Necklace Opal
November Birthstone Necklace Citrine
December Birthstone Necklace Turquoise
All our birthstones are available in 9K Gold and Sterling Silver.