Mini Labradorite Tusk Earring Charm Left Ear 9k Gold


We love creating that movement in our stack and this labradorite tusk charm is the perfect pieced for that! Made in 9 karat yellow solid gold that can also be worn everyday. We also have a matching one available for your right ear too.

Labradorite is believed to be a stone of transformation and magic. It is believed to restore energy and make one aware of their inner spirit. It has beautiful iridescent Blue flashes when shone in the light. 

The mini tusk charm measures 6.5 mm across by 14.2mm high including top ring. Internal ring measures 2.5 mm.

Sold as a single.

These charms can be worn on all of our hoops and huggies.

Why we love 9k gold?

You can keep in all day everyday even in the shower without affecting the appearance. This is the benefit of solid gold over plated.

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