Waterproof Jewellery

waterproof jewellery

From statement rings to a timeless necklace or the perfect pair of hoops, jewellery will always be our favourite way up your style game. But as someone who’s notoriously forgetful and impatient, the thought of taking my jewellery on and off anytime I’m exercising, showering or just breaking a sweat isn’t just maddening, it’s impossible. I’ve lost more pieces that I can count just trying to avoid damaging or tarnishing them during everyday life. And of course, the more you’re spending on pricey jewellery, the more maddening this can be.

Enter: tarnish-proof jewellery. A couple of years ago, I realised that in order to create a jewellery brand that was more sustainable, I needed design and produce jewellery that was long lasting and affordable without sacrificing on quality or style. In the process, I discovered that the high-quality materials of solid gold and sterling silver metals also were great for people with more sensitive skin.

Compared to the majority of our competition, who mainly sell plated jewellery wether that is gold vermeil or gold plated, the difference with our products is that the colour will never fade

So wave goodbye to green fingers, and invest in jewellery that will last you a lifetime.