Behind The Scenes: Luisa's Design Process

I design pieces I want to wear, and always have a notebook by my bed as I find I am forever getting ideas just before I go to sleep.

I start by drawing very rough sketches like this and then convert them in Adobe Illustrator which my lovely friend taught me how to use last year. Would you believe that when I first started working on the launch collection, drawings like this were what I sent to my wonderful makers...somehow they turned out OK!

This is one of the first sketches of our Diamond Rhombus Hoops back in September 2018! 

Sketch of our Diamond Rhombus Design

I don't have a design background, but was a jewellery buyer before I started Zohreh V., where I worked alongside many talented designers, and also on product development as part of my role.  I was surrounded by so many creative people who I learnt so much from and was able to pick up some skills along the way. 

Here is an example of my Labradorite Rhombus Hoops that I designed in Illustrator. From designs like this,  I then put them onto a design brief with every single detail and measurement drawn up, along with the right stone cut/grade to use, and metal requirements.

 Labradorite Rhombus Hoops

My talented makers then turn these design briefs into 3D CAD's like the image seen below. These CAD's are sent back to me to double check all the measurements as they are then used to create the jewellery moulds!

It takes around 4-6 weeks to see a finished piece from confirming the design with our makers. It is the most exciting feeling for me seeing my designs come to life. 

The Diamond Rhombus Hoops will always have a special place in my heart as they were the very first piece that I designed, and the first sample made for Zohreh V. that I received from our makers. 

They then evolved into the larger Labradorite Rhombus Hoops which launched last year (see CAD's above), and these are very high up on my list of fave pieces too! 

These two designs are available to purchase now as necklaces, and hoops!